Railway Museum in Móra la Nova

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A guided visit at Móra la Nova station shows the evolution of trains and the line of Direct trains linking Barcelona and Madrid. These trains, some of which are still in use, can be admired at the new depot.

The visit

You can travel back in time in the Railway Museum in Móra la Nova where the exhibition of many valuable pieces brings the evolution of the railway system to life.

The museum exhibition, in the former railway watch tower, helps to understand the origins and evolution of Catalan railways. One of its most valuable features is without a doubt its collection of trains. In addition, the Museum still preserves what was one of the first electromechanical systems for station control in Europe and a 23-metre rotating bridge on which the engines changed direction.


The train repair workshop in Móra la Nova began operation in 1891 and continued active until the late 1970s, when steam engines disappeared due to the expense of their operation, which involved a high consumption of water and fuel, using coal and oil. From then on all engines ran on electricity, which provided a better performance.

The Museum opened its doors in 2010 in order to highlight the imprint of trains in the territory, explaining how the railway became a true driving force for economic and social developments moving with the times. Today, the Association for the Preservation of Railway and Industrial Heritage is in charge of managing the Museum, in collaboration with the Town Council.


Consult Museum webpage.


Estació Renfe, s/n 43770 Móra la Nova (Ribera d’Ebre)


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