Sawmill of Àreu

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The Sawmill of Àreu, which operated in the 19th and 20th centuries, is an example of the history of the wood industry, showing how hydraulic energy was used to grind wheat and saw wood.

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Àreu Sawmill is the perfect example of the history of wood industry. Visitors can learn about the purpose of sawmills, which were the water-powered installations where wood was transformed

The architectural complex of Àreu Sawmill also includes a flour mill and an electric power station. The sawmill and its surroundings can be visited by appointment in the summer, from June to mid-September.


Àreu sawmill was built in the nineteenth century and remained in operation until the 1970s. Initially, the premises were a lot closer to the river than they are today, but were destroyed in a major flood in the late nineteenth century.

The new sawmill, in its current location, was initially built in wood, higher up, in order to protect it from further floods until the new building was erected. After the war it was repaired and updated by brothers Manel and Feliu Bixaconill, carpenters and sawmill developers.



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