Roca Umbert Thermal Power Plant in Granollers

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A unique construction used to produce energy from raw materials such as coal and fuel, providing electricity and steam to the former Roca Umbert factory in Granollers. Visitors can see the furnaces, generators and transformers, all perfectly preserved.

The visit

The Roca Umbert Thermal Power Plant allows visitors to discover original spaces of the factory such as the steam generation space with two furnaces. The area for generating electricity, also known as the turbine area, and the steam cooling space or “refresher”, are found in an adjoining building with a circular floorplan.

The visit to the factory shows the importance of this thermal power plant by Roca Umbert and the importance of the factory for the city. Visitors can discover how a 1950s thermal power plant worked, travelling in time through the industrial archaeology of Granollers.


The Roca Umbert Thermal Power Plant was built in 1950, with a design essential to the growth of a factory which required a substantial steam engine, hot water and electricity. The increase in textile production and the usual electric restrictions made it necessary to buy this equipment to provide all the energy needed by the factory. Until 1993, the Thermal Power Plant was the heart of Roca Umbert.

In November 2011 the heritage space of the Roca Umbert Thermal Power Plant was inaugurated. This space is being recovered and converted into a research centre with the collaboration of former factory workers.


Saturdays from 6 pm to 8 pm

Sundays from 11 am to 1 pm


Prat de la Riba, núm. 77 08401 Granollers