Museum of the Vidal Colony in Puig-Reig

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This museum recreates life in a textile colony in Llobregat, strategically situated to transform river water into energy and provide inhabitants with all the basic services. It shows the textile process in detail, as well as the spaces of everyday life.

The visit

From the time the factory closed, new ideas were geared towards showcasing heritage by finding new uses for the installations. Thus, a Museum was born which explained what life in the colony was like.

The Museum of the Vidal Colony in Puig-reig was created in 1995. Its central branch is in the Fundació Vidal building, the last building erected in the Vidal Colony of Puig-reig. This building was inaugurated in 1947, designed by Vicenç Vidal as a space for recreational, cultural and educational activities.


The Museum of the Vidal Colony is the best way to experience the past first hand. Since 1995 the Museum has been explaining what life and work in an early twentieth-century textile colony were like. A long walk around the Vidal Colony, and spaces such as the school, factory, or accommodation showcase the reality of a momentous occasion for the contemporary history of Catalonia and its industrialization.

This is a unique institution in terms of its museum proposal: the original spaces in the factory have survived, and invite the visitor to follow in the steps of those who experienced a key moment in history.


Tuesday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm

Weekends and public holidays from 9 am to 2 pm


Plaça Puríssima s/n Colònia Vidal, Puig-Reig