Cardona Salt Mountain Cultural Park

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The park offers its visitors a walk around old mining installations, with a museum area explaining the industrial operations in the valley. The machinery for working the mine can be viewed during the visit and a tour of the galleries at a depth of 86 metres can also be arranged.

The visit

The Salt Mountain is unique in the world. We invite you to a guided route around the inside of the deposit, 86 m deep. You will be able to admire the different spectacular folds and streaks and the diverse minerals in all their splendour.


The Salt Valley of Cardona, with its precious wealth of salt is Cardona’s raison d’être. The geological characteristics of the saline deposit have  been exploited by man from the Neolithic (4,000 BC) until the present in a historic trajectory of almost six thousand years. The amount and quality of saline deposits in Cardona made it one of the most renowned in Catalonia, continuing to use the historical open deposit system. This pre-industrial situation changed in 1912, with the discovery of potassium salts in the Catalan salt basin and the importance of this discovery in the production of inorganic fertiliser.

The opening of the Potassium Mine (1929 – 1990) brought about a second industrialization in Cardona, after the textile industrialization. The population doubled and there were major transformations in its urban and social landscape. Potassium mining ended in 1990. A total of 37,874,843 tonnes of mineral had been extracted from the ground and the deposit was already 1,308.7 metres deep and the deepest mine in the country. Now the former mine is the Cardona Salt Mountain Cultural Park.


Closed on non-public holiday Mondays

Tuesday to Friday:

The Park opens from 10 am to 3 pm

Guided visits to inside the Salt Mountain at 11.30 am (Catalan) and 1.30 pm (Spanish)

Saturdays and Sundays:

The Park opens from 10 am to 6 pm

Guided visit to inside the Salt Mountain every 30 minutes

Last guided visit at 4.30 pm

For opening hours on public holidays and holiday season:

Consult webpage.


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